Perfume was the first love of my life and remains my constant adventure. How thrilling it is to know that there will always be a new fragrance to discover and experience, both for myself and in designing for others.
— Molly Ray


About Molly

Driven to perfection and inspired by the natural world, Molly is a skilled designer, trained in heart of the French perfume industry. Her advanced ability to balance aromatic notes is so distinctly French that local celebrity chefs and hoteliers remain her loyal clients.

Certified as a Fragrance Specialist through The Fragrance Foundation UK and student of Senior Perfumers, Laurence Fauvel and Carole Andre of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France - Molly brings luxury to Seattle.

“I remember my grandmother’s dresser and the bottle of French perfume that sat on top. Used only for the most special occasions, I was entranced by a whiff from that beautiful glass bottle. This remains one my strongest, most pleasurable childhood memories. Fragrance does this. It can uplift, mesmerize, romance, soothe and inspire. A day without fragrance is a day without color.”

For designer Molly Ray, fragrance completes daily life, powerfully affecting the pathways of our minds, feelings, memories, and future.

A respected national figure in corporate sustainability it is only natural that Molly’s blends source raw, gourmand, and sustainable materials. Always synthetic free and in tune with your natural body temperature, Molly’s blends are elevated and organic.

Perfumery is an art and passion, unlocking the possibilities of the core human sense of smell. For more information about sourcing, please visit our FAQ page.

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