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Immerse yourself in the storied ambiance of Morocco with this sensual scent that evokes a wander through the exotic streets of Tangier.  The woody qualities of Vetiver mix with the freshness of Lime and the kick of Pink Pepper, Amber rounds out the base of this fragrance and makes you want to kiss someone you love. Find yourself at a fabulous rooftop dinner party with writers and artists with whom you dish and dance until dawn.  Molly’s mother lived in Morocco for several years and she discovered the entrancing city of Tangier while visiting.  This scent is meant to transport you to this heady, mesmerizing city at the tip of Northern Africa.

Pairs With: Light Red Wine (Beaujolais, Pinot Noir), Tea ‘a la menthe’, Vegetable Couscous, Chicken Tagine

Notes include: Vetiver, Amber, Pink Pepper, Lime

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