Custom Fragrance

Custom Fragrance


Begin by filling out your signature fragrance survey below. Upon receipt of your response, Molly will send you a personal confirmation email. Based on your input, a unique formula is composed, tested and refined before we move into the final blending process.

The finely balanced and captivating result is referred to in perfumery as an ‘accord’. Each precious drop of your unique accord is bottled in French glass and shipped directly to you. With each spritz, you will luxuriate in the delicious, unique fragrance created by the designer just for you.

"I was looking for a personal fragrance that was masculine, accessible, and most importantly, one-of-a-kind. Molly definitely knows her craft and nailed it. The scent consultation and creation process was thoroughly delightful. I'd recommend Molly Ray to anyone looking for a unique, sophisticated gift to spoil yourself or your loved one." - Brant

Please fill out the custom fragrance form, found here, then complete purchase.

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