Bath Salts

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Bath Salts

from 10.00

Our favorite fragrances repackaged as luxurious bath salts. Select from six fragrances to enhance your bath experience:

Aperitif – Vibe:  Refreshing, inspiring and invigorating
Notes include:  Fig, Lime and Green Tea

Provence – Vibe:  Crisp, exotic, mysterious
Notes include:  Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose

Riviera  – Vibe:  Vacation, prosperity, international
Notes include:  Honeysuckle, Bergamot, Coconut

Suva  – Vibe:  Masculine, surprising, mysterious
Notes include:  Neroli, Black Pepper, Sandalwood

Tuscany – Vibe:  Sexy, earthy, exciting
Notes include:  Tuberose, Tobacco, Leather, Musk

Vin Doux – Vibe:  Caramel, smooth, hint of spice
Notes include:  Vanilla, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang

SALE: Summer collection ($10)

Santorini - Vibe:  White Sand, Silk Sheets, Brunch in Bed
Notes include:  Bergamot, Amber, Hint of Coconut

Tangier - Vibe:  Velvet, Medina, Saffron
Notes include:  Vetiver, Basil, Tuberose, Coffee

Valencia - Vibe:  Terrace Dancing, Summer Breeze, Fresh Cut Flowers
Notes include:  Neroli, Lime, Fig

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