About the Designer

Fragrance by Mr. designer Molly Ray is trained through the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France where she studied natural fragrances under Senior Perfumer, Laurence Fauvel. In addition, Molly is certified as a Fragrance Specialist through The Fragrance Foundation UK

She has a B.A. in Communications/Media as well as an advanced business degree in Sustainable Business. Her education and experience in the sustainability field, coupled with her passion for fragrance, make up the core of the Mr. business model and philosophy.

As a designer, Molly’s driving purpose is to create fragrances and fragrance products in the traditional French style while minimizing use of synthetics and unnecessary toxins. Molly aims to tap into the ability of a fragrance to uplift, mesmerize, romance, soothe and inspire through her collection of scents - or through the creation of a customized scent unique to the wearer.   

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